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It is difficult to draw a precise boundary as to what counts as an exclusive carpet but most carpet connoisseurs nevertheless agree on the following definition: It is a carpet with exceptional detail knotted by hand in a workshop by experienced, professional carpet weavers. The material used must be of superior quality and have a knot density of at least 600,000 knots per square metre.

The one thing we can say is that an exclusive carpet first and foremost is hand woven and there is an incredible number of hours of hard work and a high level of concentration behind the finished carpet. The finest carpets are woven in varying sizes in studios and in more orderly conditions than, for example, nomadic camps or in the homes where carpets are also woven. The tools used are of a high quality to eliminate any damage to the carpet during the work and the concentration level is high during the weaving process. Most studios with exclusive hand-woven carpets are mainly in Iran (Persia) in cities including Tabriz, Keshan, Isfahan, Nain and Ghom but also in Turkey (Anatolia) and in the city of Hereke near Istanbul. Naturally, the carpets produced all have their distinct style that can be traced back to the city or region they come from.