About Us

Our Gallery

The Gallery opened at the beginning of 2000. With time, it has grown to become a cult place for people from all walks of life. We are located in Sarajevo, a place rich in history and friendship. Our shop is located in Moricha Han, a historical object itself an old inn where travelers, merchants, doctors and poets from East and West met each other. The stay was free and some were even able to teach their science or skill.

Today it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the city. Through art, we aim to create friendship between the East and the West, and to provide a gathering place for all people, regardless of their cultural, religious or other differences.

Everyone can visit us and enjoy the beauty of our artwork. Some of our items are one-of-a-kind. The gallery has the largest selection of handmade Persian carpets and kilims, as well as other handicrafts from the Orient.


A visit to the gallery can make a deep impression on visitors. Their impressions and our message of friendship and love help them gain a better appreciation of the beauty of life, as well as of life itself.

The gallery has been visited by many actors, diplomats and world-famous figures, such as Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Richard Gere, Penelope Cruz, John Cleese and many others who we have remained in touch to this day. Our mutual desire is to meet here again.

The Isfahan Gallery offers the largest selection of handmade Persian carpets and rugs, such as the premium silk carpets from Qom, Tabriz, Isfahan and others places. There is also a large selection of semi-antique carpets and rugs from Iran but also from Pakistan and Afghanistan. For each carpet or rug, we provide a certificate of authenticity.

We also offer the largest selection of oriental lamps and chandeliers, unique decorative ceramics based on archaeological excavations from the Orient, beautiful oriental men’s and women’s costumes as well as the largest selection of silk and wool scarves from Kashmir.