Dimensions: 217 x 135 CM
Zemlija Porijekla: Iran
Cijena: 1180,00 EURO

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The Persian carpet is like a painting on the floor that connects our mind and soul with fairy tales, which are thousands years old. This is a handmade carpet, the work of the Azeri people from the province of Ardabil (Northwestern Iran). The carpet is dominated by dark blue, symbolizing the source of hope and deep belief in a better future, and that we are never alone. One of the motifs on the rug is the rooster, which symbolizes the song of joy and happiness. It is interesting to note that the old Persian belief maintains that the motif of the rooster, woven into the carpet, will protect its owner from the evil spell. The carpet also has the motifs of scorpion and baklava, and it is interesting that these same motifs also appear on the original Bosnian carpet. The motif of this carpet can influence a man to create a better life and to open the door of understanding of his own being and his existence. It took about 9 months to complete this carpet, and you should take into account that such carpets are no longer made. The younger generations are more and more turning to technology, easier and more accessible jobs. That is why this Persian carpet remains a unique masterpiece. Dimensions of this rug are 217 x 135 cm and the price is 1180 euro.


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