Indian Kashmir Scarf

* 203cm x 92cm
* Weight : 345gm
* Exclusively commissioned one of a kind Shawl
* Original Kashmir Embroidery Design
* Certified Hand-made product of Kashmir
* Authentic Mughal Kashmir Design
* Kashmir Company Product
* Product of Kashmir

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You’re an artist; an enchantress; a storyteller. Every piece of timeless apparel you wear isn’t just happenstance. You passionately piece together your attire to tell a story about how you feel, what you want to experience and demonstrate your power to affect people, like only you can. And the stories you communicate are absolutely Oscar worthy. Being a woman who invests in apparel that has the power to become an heirloom in your family, the best isn’t good enough. You need brilliance.

Our Pashmina/Kashmir Shawl voices that you’re more than a modern style trendsetter; you’re a timeless fashion icon. It reveals how proud you feel as a mother, the fire you harbor to make a difference and your deep love for celebrating nature. Be careful though; The Pashmina/Kashmir Shawl is only meant to wear during the most important moments in your life. Choose those moments, wisely.


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