Qom pure silk Carpet 300×200 cm Signed : Shobeyri & Imani


Dimensions 200 × 300 cm
Signed Shobeyri & Imani
Knot density approx 1000 000 knots per m²
Age Contemporary 0-10 years (not used)
color black
Thickness ≈ 5 mm
Origin Persia/Qom/ Iran
Pile Silk
Warp Silk
Manufacturing Knotted by hand
Also known as Ghom, Kom, Ghome, Qom, Khum
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These carpets are knotted in the holy town of Qom in central Persia. The material used is silk which makes them thin and tight. This kind of carpet shows a fine tradition of knotting silk carpets and is one of the best and newly manufactured carpets.


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