Qom silk carpet 300×200 – Signed: Shobeyri & Imani


Dimensions 200 × 300 cm
Signed Shobeyri & Imani
Knot density approx 1000 000 knots per m²
Age new
color blue
Thickness ≈ 5 mm
Origin Persia/Qom/ Iran
Pile Silk
Warp Silk
Manufacturing Knotted by hand
Also known as Ghom, Kom, Ghome, Qom, Khum

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These carpets are knotted in the holy town of Qum in central Persia. The material used is silk which makes them thin and tight. The carpets are extremly well-made and in some cases very detailed. This kind of carpet shows a fine tradition of knotting silk carpets and is one of the best and newly manufactured carpets.

  • 1> Made of Pure Silk — Silk is a natural protein fiber, Environmentally-friendly. One of a kind, handmade 100% Pure Silk & Silk Carpet made in the finest quality. This stunning color is unique and very seldom found. Due to its uniqueness, this Qom silk rug beauty shall light up any space it is placed in.
  • 2> Hand Knotted Silk Rug—Taken 14-20 months to weave this exceptional rug by our talented artisans. This masterpiece represents the finest in Persian rugs. It makes a definitive statement about the exquisite taste of the person who is sophisticated enough to owns it.
  • 3>Size: 6.56ft x 9.83ft — The detail of this magnificent Persian rug creates a sense of elegance that makes it standout as a masterful work of textile art. It takes its place in collections as a unique piece that reflects the traditions and culture of a people who created it.
  • 4>Approx. 576 knots per square inch, Luxury Silk High density rug, with extra soft touch, Let you get the royal treatment. Unique shiny , Modern, Classic and Antique look. Adore your space by placing this one of a kind hand knotted silk on silk area rug.
  • 5>Buy Now, This breathtaking silk rug is sure to add a pensive and fascinating charm to any interior design setting. At the end of the day, it simply does not get much more exciting and luxurious that this breathtakingly impressive vintage Persian silk Medallion Rug


Product description

6.56ft x 9.83ft purple Handmade tiny flowers Persian Silk Rug

This glistening silk Persian rug is a masterpiece of complex and magnificent beauty.

The stunning detail combined with the silky texture of this luxurious rug, is a source of endless fascination and wonder.

If you appreciate the quality of finely handmade rugs and are looking for a luxurious rug for your home, this silk vintage Persian Qom rug will be hard to beat.

The blue color and design of the Persian Qom silk  rug have a romantic of feel, and the carpet will carry this serene feeling into the rest of the room



All of our rugs are professionally washed and serviced and are individually inspected before leaving our shop.

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Buy now, the hand knotted silk Persian rug can provide a luxurious and royal look to a place.

Dimensions 200 × 300 cm
Knot density

approx 1000 000 knots per m²


300×200 cm




Qom, Iran






Knotted by hand

Also known as

Ghom, Kom, Ghome, Qom, Khum


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